Name: Simon Holzman


Phone: (760) 464-2672


E-Mail: SimonHolzman@Siggy.Com



I am a Business Systems Analyst with excellent analytical and communication skills developed while working with a range of multinational companies. My technical skills ensure that I work well with both the technical staff and the business users to find solutions that work for everyone.


During my career, I have worked in many different roles including Report Writing, Project Management, Systems Analysis, Database Administration, Development and Sales Support in both Manager and staff positions.





BA in Computing and Management

Informix Online DSA System Administration

Oracle 9i DBA Certification started

Currently taking Part time MBA at UCR






I am an expert with SQL, SQL Server, Informix, Oracle Discoverer, VB, Unix, Perl, C and various tools and applications, including Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Loadrunner, and Data Migration.











Kent County Council

Ford Credit

04/2004 – 10/2004

04/1997 – 03/1998

04/1997 – 06/1998

01/1992 – 10/1993

02/1989 – 06/1990

Financial Services


First American Title Services

Family Assurance Friendly Society

Nissan Finance


12/2002 – 04/2004

11/1993 – 03/1996

03/1988 – 10/1993

03/1988 – 10/1993

Travel and Leisure


Walt Disney Travel Company

03/1998 – 11/2001

Consumer Products


Philips Electronics

02/1989 – 02/1991






Direct Marketing


Design, Development and Support

Call Center Systems


Project Management, Design, Development and Support

Management Information Systems


Project Management, Design, Development and Support

Data Migration and Interfacing


Analysis, Design, Development and Support

Sales and Customer Analysis


Project Management, Design, Development and Support

Work Scheduling


Project Management, Design, Development and Support

Contract Invoicing


Analysis, Design, Development and Support

Fleet Management


Project Management, Design, Development and Support

Credit Scoring


Technical Support and Quality Assurance

Consumer Finance Applications


Analysis, Design, Development and Support





04/2004 to 10/2004     Reports Manager       Guthy-Renker Corporation, Palm Desert, CA


I was hired to manage a team of two report writers, providing reports for the Operations Division of the company and immediately started on the task of developing an automated Reporting system that allowed the end-users to produce their own reports.  Unfortunately, this new system was such a success that it eliminated the need for a stand-alone reporting department. As such my staff was re-assigned and the department disbanded, leaving no need for a manager.



12/2002 to 04/2004     Business Systems Analyst     First American Title Services, Santa Ana, CA


I provided IT support for the National Default Services division. This included business analysis, training, developing interfaces to other companies and providing reporting services. The reports were designed to proactively monitor the operations of the division and ensure that orders were processed on schedule and accurately. They alerted the managers to orders that were nearing their closing date and informed them of any unusual circumstances that merited closer attention.


I also implemented new interfaces, which allowed our clients to send orders faster and more accurately than was previously possible, helping to ensure that the quality service they expected was maintained.



12/2001 - 02/2002       Business Development Consultant   Sierra Medical Imaging, Inc.


I was asked to provide an independent perspective for developing the business of this small Medical Imaging company.  My achievements included Developing a Business Plan for the next year and beyond; Increasing revenue by over 30% by a combination of generating new business and developing new markets; Enhancing the in-house systems to provide improved customer service, as well as savings of about 25% on telecommunications; and Providing Management Reports to improve the ability of management to respond to operating needs



03/1998 - 11/2001       Consultant      Walt Disney Travel Company, Anaheim, CA


As the primary IT liaison with the business users the team I led supported the replacement of the existing mainframe based Reservation System with an Informix based Client-Server system. This included transferring the existing data to the new system and ensuring that the necessary reports were available to allow the business to operate without disruption.  Provided continuing business and technical support during a range of developments, including the project management, design and implementation of a non-proprietary management reports system and the implementation of Internet access to the reservation system. Other assignments included data migration using whichever method was appropriate, development and conversion of reports, general technical support and database administration.


While managing expectations so that limited resources were able to provide the service levels required, I ensured that business needs were met. This was especially useful when assigned “rush” projects.  Development of such good relationships motivated everyone to work towards the common good. Impromptu projects such as developing e-bay auction products or marketing special offers in conjunction with airlines and hotels were consistently achieved on schedule.  Development of fast and accurate data manipulation and powerful quality assurance techniques was critical to ensuring Disney’s continuing reputation for exceptional customer service.


My temporary position was extended from three months to almost 4 years. Disney’s contracting policies changed after 9/11, forcing my departure. It was crucial that the fundamental business and technical knowledge be transferred back to Disney to ensure that the system could be supported efficiently in the future and this was accomplished when I successfully trained my successor to fulfill my role before I left.



03/1997 - 03/1998                   Consultant                  DHL UK, United Kingdom


I designed and implemented an out-sourced Support Environment for various critical business applications. This included ensuring that the fundamental business and technical knowledge was transferred fully to the external support organization and that the applications were in a suitable condition for third party support.


I also designed and supported the technical environment for the testing phases of the customer prospect analysis system development. The purpose of this application was to manage sales prospects including transferring them between national businesses where appropriate.



04/1996 - 03/1997       Technical Support Analyst     OCS Group Ltd, United Kingdom


I maintained and supported the Workbill Administration System. This included managing the installation of the system at a number of sites within the Group, consulting with clients about enhancements to the system and ensuring that any changes required by one site would work elsewhere. I developed various new reports in liaison with the users, including an 18 month forecast.


The system provided job sheets detailing work to be done, linked to the Contract Invoicing System to automatically invoice the client. It dramatically improved the productivity of the administration staff since the system automated what had previously been a manual task.



11/1993 - 3/1996         Technical Support       Family Assurance Friendly Society, UK


Working closely with the users, I developed a system to automatically print response letters to potential customers who had replied to advertisements. Depending upon the customers’ information, different letters were sent together with related marketing flyers. As a marketing system, the relationships varied frequently and so required regular changes that had to be strictly controlled.


I also performed the database administration, maintenance and development of the sales contact management system. This was a critical system providing information for Financial Advisors and required extensive testing and scheduled deployments. I maintained and supported the user level reporting facilities allowing non-IT departments to produce their own ad-hoc reports depending upon their requirements. As this was a user tool, a considerable amount of liaison was required to ensure that the users’ requirements were satisfied efficiently.



03/1988 - 10/1993       Support Analyst          Rocc Computers, United Kingdom


Managed, designed and developed a Fleet Management System to replace an existing system. This allowed specific vehicles to be booked for use, produced check sheets ensuring that the vehicles were available on time and returned promptly, scheduled regular maintenance and cross-charged the rental to the relevant user. A wide range of different vehicle types were involved, some of which had specialized requirements for maintenance and preparation.


I was involved in the design and development of a system to allow people to apply for personal loans with an answer within 15 minutes. My main role was the development of the credit scoring and installation facilities, which involved very specific design specification.


Installed a Sales Tax refund system at Heathrow and Gatwick airports.


Worked in pre- and post-sales support, which included attending trade shows, making presentations to prospective clients and maintaining good on-going relationships with clients, especially when there were problems.